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Site:Lab at Blandford Nature Center

In late July, I participated in an awesome local arts organization called Site:Lab.  Their latest site-specific installation spot was Blandford Nature Center on the northwest side of Grand Rapids. There was some pretty awesome work by local artists- check it out on facebook (simply search for Site:Lab).  I made three 4×8″ charcoal drawings on tumeric-dyed… Continue reading Site:Lab at Blandford Nature Center


Acrylic Abstracts and Random New Paintings

Stuff to work on after work. Mostly acrylics on paper, some feature permanent black or silver ink, just for fun. I’ve been teaching 9-3:30 every day, and I’m really looking forward to my last year of school and the winter when I can spend my days happily snowed inside. Check these out at my Etsy… Continue reading Acrylic Abstracts and Random New Paintings

Other art stuffs

Introducing… a way to buy my stuff~!

Hey everyone. I’m appreciating the support here on my new website. It’s my first time really sticking to the updates and promised pics from old art. I’ve decided to re-open my Etsy account, which I tried about a year ago. I had a few views but never really got any attention, and then school really… Continue reading Introducing… a way to buy my stuff~!