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Introducing… a way to buy my stuff~!

Hey everyone. I’m appreciating the support here on my new website. It’s my first time really sticking to the updates and promised pics from old art.

I’ve decided to re-open my Etsy account, which I tried about a year ago. I had a few views but never really got any attention, and then school really got rolling again so I just shut it down at that time. Well, I’m here to try it again.  I’ve got a couple smaller sketch-like paintings and plein air stuff for sale with lower prices, and I’ve got high quality stuff on there in larger sizes. I’m trying a lot of work on paper because I’ve recently become obsessed with fiber arts and want to do lots of experiments with new materials along with painting… and works on paper are easy to ship! So grab them up please. I hate having work sit around the house!

I’m keeping it simple and straightforward: HallieLeBlancStudio is the shop name.

For sale at my Etsy shop: Landscapes by Hallie
Sold from my Etsy shop: HallieLeBlancStudio



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