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ArtPrize 2013

My entry for ArtPrize 2013 was called The Smallest Citizens of Grand Rapids, of course featuring my favorite little friends, Gnomes! I made three watercolor illustrations of gnomes living in and around Grand Rapids, including one looking at the iconic Calder, one in front of a historic Heritage Hill home, and one reading a book by a tree overlooking the city skyline. They were all framed and mounted on stands made by my wonderfully talented carpenter husband, Dan. We pounded them into the ground… but apparently not deep enough. One was stolen and I later found out that it was actually used to try and break into HopCat, a nearby bar/restaurant.  I got it back after filing a police report, but it was broken and needed some TLC. Now ArtPrize is over so the little guy never made it back up. Kind of disappointing, but I went into it knowing I was in an outdoor venue and things are bound to happen. I also had the attitude knowing that something like, let’s say… a quilt, might win, so I tried not to take the whole thing too seriously. I’m glad I got to play and have some fun with watercolor and gnomies before the school year started and I had to get back into my more serious pursuits.

Anyways, I am selling the prints, I hope to get them up on Etsy soon! Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy 🙂


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