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New Year, Lots of Work Ahead

9x36" Oil, wool, paper, and stick on panel
9×36″ Oil, wool, paper, and stick on panel

Well it’s official… I can’t procrastinate anymore! My final semester here at Kendall is upon me, including my thesis exhibition! The semester doesn’t technically start until January 13, but I am taking this and next week for some internal reflection. I love frozen Januarys for their ability to lull me into a deep, contemplative mood. I take stock of the emotions I’ve been experiencing and filter them though something quieter inside of me. Its a time where I dismiss the general anxieties of the physical world and explore a more spiritual side of myself. It’s going to be a perfect time this year to really focus on what my artwork is trying to say. The challenge is to keep up the momentum when school starts and I start getting pulled in a thousand directions again… but I feel stronger than I ever have this year. Like I can make choices about what influences can pull my attention. I can feel something stirring inside of me, begging to manifest itself in my artwork.


With those thoughts, here is an image I don’t think I have put up yet. I have been calling it simply Reverence. It is 9×36″, oil, paper, wool, and stick on panel. For me, the strong contrast of light and dark are unified through the simple symmetrical design. The focus is on the simple materials and textures. It was a piece that came together slowly, then all at once, with a strong vision right away that depended on the gathering of all the right materials. It is one of those pieces that comes together effortlessly. Since most of my work seems to be a form of personal torture to try and get all the right colors and designs, when something like this happens I tend to disregard it as a fluke. It was really only as it sat in my house that I came to love and appreciate it.


Thanks for looking! Cheers for a happy new year 🙂


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