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Thesis Exhibition at KCAD


I am again behind on posting! I had such a busy summer teaching… and then an incredibly productive two weeks at the Golden Apple Artists Residency in Harrington, Maine! Now the teaching was great, but there really is nothing like the residency experience. I met some really great artists who were lovely enough to share their life experience and artistic wisdom. It provided positive confirmation for my newest, post-graduate body of work, and was just refreshing for my soul to escape West Michigan for a little but and experience some place totally new. Now, I’m not going to give away any images just yet. I am still working on photographing the finished stuff, and really just finishing most of it!! So, another update soon.


Until then, here are two photographs by my friend Matt Gubancsik. They were taken at my Thesis Exhibition at Kendall College of Art and Design here in lovely Grand Rapids, Michigan way back in May. It was an honor to show my work in the beautiful old federal building, now called the WNF building after the founder of Ferris University.


I am currently seeking gallery representation and just generally doing the art-making thing… wish me luck!

Thanks as always, for looking.



Hallie LeBlanc Hallie LeBlanc


One thought on “Thesis Exhibition at KCAD

  1. Beautiful Hallie! You know, I JUST noticed how nicely your wool work ties in with your fluffy clouds! I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed that before! You just wanted to touch those clouds you were making, didn’t you.

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