Suspended Ink in Oil Paintings

Introducing… a new line of work! This is in collaboration with a dear friend who has a most wonderful eye for color, a brain for photography, and a creative spirit wonderful enough for these fantastic pieces! She is like a scientist, mixing and pouring and dipping ink into different substances to create these wonderfully nuanced and unpredictable compositions. Then she takes photos of the ink. My part comes in when I get to paint from her creations. They are all sizes with many various color schemes- but we like them to be as vibrant as possible!

We have it in mind to sell not only the original paintings, but also prints on Etsy! Soon! My goal is to have 6 to start out with and a few on the side in progress. We are so excited to share this with other color lovers out there. Its certainly something I avoided for some time while I dabbled in my “artistic melancholy”… and MAN does it feel good to shake that off!

Thanks for looking at this “unofficial” unveiling. Links soon to the Etsy site. In the meantime, my site again is HallieLeBlancStudio


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