Mohawk Mural: Part 2

About a year ago, I was comissioned to paint a mural on the background of a library “ampitheather” space. (See past posts for this, and a making-of movie)

This year, we won a competitive grant to complete the rest of the library! As you see in the photos, this includes the inside of the ampitheater as well as the entire outside walls (5 wall designs in total).

Many students were able to help paint this mural. It was my favorite thing to hear their excitement as the process went on, exclaiming their pride in being a part of their school. In murals such as these, I serve the students and I take delight in their ideas and enthusiasm.

I loved getting the principal involved with the timeline mural! This idea came from the librarian’s love of history. It is situated right beside her desk and main workspace, where the children come to check out books. I know I am a visual learner and could see large ideas best when drawn out in diagrams and supported by pictures. With something as large as *as best as I could manage* THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, we clearly had a lot of editing to do and could only choose about 50 events. That was a fun project, I would love to see that painted in another school somewhere!


Thanks for looking, reader. If you are a part of a school or organization in need of a mural, please contact me! I would love to hear from you. Thank you to Mohawk Local Schools and to Kaycee Hallett for supporting me!


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